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Born and raised in Australia, I have a long history in the technology industry covering software & hardware development, running (and selling) my own business as well as countless consulting and managerial positions.

I've worked all over Australia installing two way radio and sequential tone encoding systems, satellite earth stations and microwave repeaters. Building custom electronics (from printed circuit boards up to the installation of the finished product) was one of my first jobs. On the software side, from designing and building various utilities, developer tools, trading, airline booking, government payments, medical, security, news gathering and countless banking systems for mobile and desktop platforms. In short, I've done it all.

In 1984 I formed a company in Australia called NEXUS Solutions. The company developed and sold software around the world - primarily for the encryption and medical fields with some office productivity tools and utilities. The company was later sold to a group of international investors in 1997. The counter you see below is the total number of hits to this site originating from 1990 (when I first launched the NEXUS Solutions web site) to present day.

These days I live in the most exciting city in the world (New York City). I've been employed by a large global banking institution since 1999 and am currently in the Corporate Technology division. Contact me if you'd like to know more.

I've moved my entire digital life into the Google™ cloud and have never looked back. In fact, once registering for a Google Apps for Business™ account I now have access to all my services in one handy place. I used to run my own email and web servers, development and code repository servers, NAS appliances, routers, switches and so on. Happily, that's all a thing of the past.

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